Commemorative medal with the slogan of Tamim al – Majd

 The Organizing Committee of the Olympic School Program this year presented souvenirs to the guests of the special day for girls in the competitions of the special needs. The medals were awarded by Tamim al-Majd, the step taken by the Organizing Committee in the current version in interaction with the general situation and also because of the value of this slogan at this time for the state In general, and to school students in particular.

Khalil Al-Jaber:
Are keen to provide appropriate support
Khalil Al Jaber, Director of the Sports Affairs Department of the Qatar Olympic Committee, said the committee is keen to provide full support to this group at the community level through the organization of competitions for boys and girls within the Olympic school program.
“We are very pleased to see the girls’ desire to benefit from the program and to compete in a good atmosphere at Qatar Club, with the desire of school officials and the Olympic program to achieve the best results that contribute to ensuring the benefit of the sports programs for the participating segment. , And we hope that the same success will be achieved at the level of boys in the competitions that will be held tomorrow at Qatar Club.

Abdul Rahman Al-Muftah:
An active part of society
Abdul Rahman Al Muftah, Executive Director of the Qatar Sports School Federation, praised the great participation of the various schools and institutions for special needs of girls, which was held today at Qatar Club.
He added: Everyone was keen to participate in this day the presence of the Secretary-General of the Olympic Committee Jassim Buainain and many officials of the Olympic Committee as well as the Union of Sports School and schools for people with special needs and this is good. He said the key: Participation in the day of girls was large from a large number of different schools in addition to the specialized bodies, and since the first version there is keen to organize events for people with special needs and they are an important and effective part of society. .