Concluding the Taekwondo Olympic Games

The Taekwondo Games concluded in the 11th edition of the Olympic Games on its own stand at the Hamad Aquatics Complex with a large participation of students and schools.

After the end of the competition, Abdul Rahman Al Muftah, Executive Director of the School Sports Federation and Adel Al Marzouqi, Executive Director of the Taekwondo, Karate and Judo Federation, held a special atmosphere for the great attendance of the players’ family as well as officials of the Olympic program.

The competition, which included the new weights, won Zaho Young of Edison Academy School in the first place of the category of 21 kg, and Ali Hassan second place of the school Afovaz second place and Ashwan from the school of Birla and Abdul Rahman Nadi of the Academy and third place in the weight of 25 kg Ahmed Zahran won the French school Ghassan Abboudi from Al Manar International School in Silver, Mohammed Al-Deridi from the Tunisian School and Khaled Al-Afifi from Um Al-Amad School in the bronze medal.

In the weight of 29 kg won Waleed Al Hassan from the American school and Mohammed Yassin from the Tunisian school in the first two, and Yassin Mohammed from the Academy of Edison and Hamad Salah from the school or the mother of bronze.

In the weight of 33 kg Omar bin Ahmed from the Tunisian school and Ali Ashraf from the school of Abla silver and Yusuf al-Nuaimi of the British International School and Adita of the School of DBS in bronze.

In the 37 kg category, Hassan al-Nuaimi of the British International School of Gold and Abderrahmane Osama of Saad bin Abi Waqqas School of Physics and Bassam al-Jem of the Tunisian School and Ahmed Ahmed of the Spectra Global School won the bronze.

Bilal Mohammed also won the Cairo School of Gold for a weight of over 37 kg, Saleh Zuhair from Abdullah ibn al-Zubayr School of Silver and Majid Zuhair from Nafas school as well as Izan Khan from the DBS School in Bronze.

In the same weight Fatih Ahmed Al-Aboudi from the Palestinian School won gold and Hamad Al-Mohannadi from the Khalifa Model School in silver.

And in the weight of 27 kg Fezg Yusuf Salam Academy of Edison gold, Abdul Latif Ahmed Khalifa School of Silver and Arian of the School of Birla Abdul Rahman Al-Majri of the Gulf School of bronze .. Also won Mohammed Al-Arabi of Tunisia, Mohammed Khamis of Umm al-Qari, Omar Jannal and Mohammed Ghanem Alsa’al Saad schools Ben Moaz and Ahmed Mansour in the top three.

In the weight of 35 kg Karam Al-Shouli won from Al-Furqan and Emad Mahmoud from Jabir bin Hayyan with gold and silver, Abd al-Azi bin Ammar from Tunisia and Abdul Razzaq Mohammed with bronze .. In the weight of 39 kg Mohammed Khalifa Al-Attiyah won the first place of Cambridge and Abdulrahman Ibrahim of Saad bin Moaz In gold and silver, Falah Nasser from Jabir ibn Hayyan and Suhaib ‘Abd al-Rahman from Jordan received bronze.

In the weight of over 39 kg Fgaz Ali Fahd of the school of loyalty to gold and Omar Mansour of Cairo for silver, and sword Ibrahim of Edison and Joseph Ahmed Khalifa of bronze.

In the weight of under 33 kg Mohammed Saad al-Kaabi of the English Gulf School and Mohammed Afif won the silver from the school of Ahmed bin Mohammed .. Also won Abdul Qadir Asfour Alhathbip of Al-Furqan School and Nasser Afif Balzfih from the school of Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Thani silver.

In a weight of under 45 kg, Abdulrahman Fikri Abi Obaida won gold, Ziam Shahmi of the Cambridge School of Silver and Yusuf Amad Wazen Abdulrahman of Birla and Nour Al Khaleej in bronze.

In the weight of under 51 kg Abdulrahman Jameel of Khalid bin Ahmed School won gold and Edam Hossam of the American Academy of silver and Mohammed Youssef and Munther Mohammed bronze.

In a weight of under 59 kg, Abdallah Khalifa of Cambridge won the gold medal in Al-Dhahabiya, Abdullah Khalil of Cairo with silver, Youssef Al-Waslani and Omar Dais in bronze. . In a weight above 59 kg won Wadah Khalil from the Cairo School of gold, Mohammed Yaman of Qatar Academy silver, Ahmed Mamd and Loy Mohamed bronze.

In the weight of under 51 Mohamed Ahmed won the school of Tarek bin Ziad gold, Tareq Abdel Fattah and Omar bin Abdul Aziz Balzfiat and Mu’tasim Billah bronze.

In the weight of under 59 kg Mohammed Hatem from the school of Tariq ibn Ziad gold, Ahmed Yahya of Jordan Silver, Sajid Raft and Mutassim Joseph bronze.

In the weight of 68 kg Mohammed Reza of Tunisia and Mostafa Ali of Tariq ibn Ziad Balzdah and gold and Omar Hatem and Iguan of the Gulf bronze.

In the weight of winning 68 kg Mahmoud Mohammed won the school of Ahmed bin Mohammed gold and Ali Khalid School of Hassan ibn Thabit silver and Aanan two options from the school of Omar ibn al-Khattab and Ryan Mohammedi of Tunisia bronze.

The competitions were strong and distinguished by the great participation of different schools as well as the preparation of the large students who participated in the finals.