Meeting for publishing School Olympic Program 2018-2019

During the meeting held with representatives of participating schools
The school program defines the features of the new version
Ali Hatimi:
We are looking forward to a bigger success this year and are happy to discover new talents for the future
The Organizing Committee of the Olympic School Program held a meeting with teachers and teachers of sport education for all Qatar government and private schools in order to explain the objectives of the second version of the program and the games they will participate with the regulations for each game and methods of registration and knowledge of the obstacles facing teachers and work to solve them. In its new version, which will start on the third of October.
The meeting was held at the Holiday Hotel, and the meeting was attended by a large number of schools across the country, with expectations of record participation this year. Speaking at the meeting, Ali Al-Hitmi, Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Olympic School Program, We have reached the twelfth edition and we are keen to expand the circle of participants, and we look forward to introducing more games in the future in order to provide the opportunity for the students who have Sports talents to show their abilities, as well as giving everyone the opportunity to participate and interact in this unique competition “
“We hope that the level of interaction between the students and their schools will be increased and that we will witness the discovery of more talent,” he said, adding that coaches from all the unions will follow the program to discover talent. “We hope that the organization will be unique and achieve All the goals and ambitions expected
“We hope that this version will be more distinguished in everything in terms of the number of students and students participating in competitions, in light of the success achieved by the Olympic program in the past versions, and we expect to be a record participation by everyone, and we are pleased with what we saw a clear “This increases our responsibility in the Qatar School Sports Federation to organize a copy at the highest possible level,” he said, adding that he is confident that the organizing committee will be able to achieve maximum success this year.
The participation of school students in the Olympic program aims to create a generation of athletes who exercise on a daily basis. Sports is very important for both the individual and the community. We have seen the Olympic program achieve great successes without affecting students’ In addition, students in different age groups are given the opportunity to discover their sporting talents. The program has contributed to the provision of a good number of distinguished athletes to different clubs and national teams. This is the essence of the program and we are happy with what we have achieved and we always aspire to the best.
Salah Salem:
Bring us the best picture of the twelfth edition
Salah Salem, the technical expert of the school Olympic program, said preparations for the 12th edition of this year are being conducted in order to provide a special season that enhances the successes achieved by the program over the past years. He said during the meeting held with representatives of schools participating in the new version ” “All schools are keen to participate in this year’s edition of the Olympic School Program. This reinforces our aspiration to expand the circle of participation and access the program to all students at different levels of study so that they have the opportunity to highlight their talents”
“The success achieved in the past years has not come from a vacuum, but as a result of an effort and a great work that reflected the cooperation between the various parties in order to get the school program out in the best way possible.” This year the participants will be greater than the past years. A major national project of sports projects that have achieved the desired goals, and we hope to be a success for all in the new year version, and contribute to the program to provide more talented players who can be presented to clubs and national teams different “