President of the International School Sport Federation Europe to QNA: Qatar has a global position in hosting sport events

Doha, December 11 (QNA) – President of the International School Sport Federation Europe (ISF Europe), Nicos Megalemos, said that Qatar has an utterly important international position in hosting and organizing sport events and conferences due to its hospitality and many other factors what make every event organized on its ground successful.

In his interview to Qatar News Agency (QNA) on the sidelines of the ASSF General Assembly he participated in and which kicked off today in Doha, Mr. Megalemos stressed that Qatar is the perfect place to host such meetings. He emphasized that every participant has witnessed high-level service and pleasant ambience that facilitates the discussion of school sport activities in Asia.

President of the ISF Europe expressed his deep appreciation to the Qatar School Sport Association (QSSA) officials for inviting him to attend these meetings. “Doha is undoubtedly the best place to host the ASSF General Assembly while QSSA representatives are extremely cooperative and always strive for development and progress in all fields.”

On the cooperation between the ISF and its Qatari counterpart, Mr. Megalemos expressed his confidence that there will definitely be great collaboration between these two federations as well as with the ASSF what will enable partners to exchange their experience and new ideas in order to provide better understanding of school sports among students and attract larger number of participants of both sexes due to its great importance in new talents’ spotting. In its turn it will be highly beneficial to the member-states’ national teams.

Zhang Ailong, President of the Asian School Sports Federation (ASSF), expressed his great pleasure that 15 ASSF members were meeting here in Doha. All that as usual, in his opinion, contributes to success of ASSF meetings.

ASSF President conveyed his words of gratitude and appreciation to his Qatari counterpart for hosting the ASSF meetings and expressed the commonly shared view of all the ASSF members that Qatar is one of the top-ranking countries to organize such important events.

Mr. Ailong commented that the ASSF General Assembly is to discuss many vital topics. One of them is bringing school sports to the new heights. He also admitted highly positive experience of Qatar Schools Olympic Program, the innovative idea for the whole Middle East region that time.

Qatar is hosting the ASSF General Assembly with the participation of many presidents and officials from 15 Asian Federations.