The conclusion of the gymnastics competitions within the activities of the Olympic school program

The gymnastics competition in the 10th edition of the Olympic Games, held at the Qatar National Football Club (QFCC) hall, ended with strong competition from students at different levels of education. The school students showed good technical standards and received high praise from officials, Competitions to select the best players and join them to the training centers to refine them and join them to national teams in the future to achieve the vision and objectives of the Olympic program of school. After the end of the competitions, Mr. Ali Al Hetmi Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Olympic program and the President of the Federation of The results of the following: In the first level competitions and in the horse jumping contest, the first place was Yusuf Mohammed Al Yafei from the Umm Salal Model School and Faisal Mohammed Al Wafadi from Al Khor School in second place. Fahad Al-Shammari from Al-Qadisiya School third. In the Ground Movements Competition, Abdul Rahman Massaad from Khalifa School won first place and his classmate Mosaad Mohsen got third place while the second place went to Yusuf Mohammed Al Yafey from Um Salal Model School. In the group competitions, Khalifa Model School won first place, Al Khor Model School took second place and Al Qadisiya Model School came in third place. In the horse jumping contest, For the second stage of the primary stage, Yaman Mukhlas of Al-Duhail School won the gold medal, and Mohammed Masad from Khalifa School won the silver and the bronze medal went to Mansour Badr Al-Nahdi from Jawan Bin Jassim School. Well earned Mohammed Massad second place came Mohammed Jassim Al-Kuwari of Al Khor Model School III. Al-Nahdi won first place, Mohammed Al-Nahdi won the second place, and Mohammed Jasad came in third place. In the artistic gymnastics competition for the teams, Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Mahmoud School received the first place, then Al Khor Model came second and Khalifa was the third place. The participation in the conclusion of gymnastics was great and distinguished both at the level of schools and in terms of the number of students for the keenness of everyone to participate and the presence in the finals, which increased the strength of competitions and enjoyed the level of all the technical provided by students at the end of gymnastics. The head of the Organizing Committee of the Program and the President of the Gymnastics Federation, in a statement today, the technical levels presented by the students on the final day of the first and second levels of the primary stage. He said that the Olympic program is a joint responsibility by the Sports Union School and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and the Olympic Committee has sought to achieve The highest level of success in the program, pointing out that this year has seen a lot of participation in many games and has sought many schools to provide the best during the competitions and eventually have to win schools and others do not succeed. Al-Hitmi pointed out that the Organizing Committee benefited from organizing this year’s edition, stressing that the next version will witness better organization and greater participation. In his turn, Nasser Mohammed Al-Malki, Assistant Secretary of the Sports Sports Union, said that gymnastics are important sports and have a large base of players, “It is without a doubt that gymnastics is an old sport that benefits everyone, especially in the younger age groups, is very popular with young people and has achieved great success in the Olympic program,” he said. Al-Malki said that the Olympic program achieved the desired objectives, which contributed to the students’ desire to exercise and to participate in the various games, and this did not affect the study of students, as the time of the program was appropriate. All school classes in the Olympic School Program in the coming years and at the same time will increase the games.