300 student participate in SOP Special Day for girls

Doha, February 08, 2019.  The sport day competitions for people with special needs concluded on Thursday with girls competitions, organized by school Olympic program on the field and stadium of Suheim bin Hamad Stadium at Qatar Sports Club.

Girls competitions witnessed good participation, where more than 300 female students competed in 9 sports categories, and the audience was very much involved with athletics competitions, which included running and jumping.

The organizing committee of the school Olympic program is used to organize the special day activities for boys and girls on an annual basis as a program accompanying the school program in order to give this important community the opportunity to practice sport, and to emphasize their important role in society.

Qatar Foundation for Rehabilitation of Special Needs gives great attention to this program as it is seen as a source to discover talents, who will join the national team to participate in various Paralympic competitions, in which Qatar has achieved great results.

The Organizing Committee held yesterday the boys day competitions. 76 boys and girls participated in various competitions amid strong competition between the participants who showed high abilities after receiving full training and qualification by the Federation, which closely monitors competitions.

In a press statement, Assistant Undersecretary for Educational affairs at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Fawzia Al Khater praised the organization of the day for people with special needs within the school Olympic program, adding that the Ministry of Education and Higher Education pays special attention to people with special needs at all levels, not only for the development of students in the academic aspects, but also in other aspects because sport is an important part to complete the student’s personality such as communication, capacity developing and social networking as well as developing his sports capabilities.

Al Khater thanked the organizers of the event and the Olympic Committee for organizing these sports events because they have already achieved great interaction among the students and motivated them to participate, stressing that this is a part of the Ministry of Education’s strategy that addresses their needs.

President of Qatar Women Sport Committee (QWSC) Lulwa Al Marri affirmed the importance of holding this special day annually within the framework of the school Olympic program in order to give people with disabilities an opportunity to compete and highlight their sporting potential that can be used in the future.

Lulwa Al Marri hailed the idea of school Olympic program and the allocation of a special day for people with special needs within the program, pointing to great interaction between nearly 700 male students and nearly 300 female students during the two-day event in the Qatar Sports Club, which hosted the competitions.

She added that the interaction and participation is increasing year after year and this confirms the success of the school Olympic program, adding this affirms the keenness of the leadership and the state on sports excellence at all levels.

President of QWSC stressed the importance of continuing this success and work in the future to discover new talents and highlight them, especially at the level of people with special needs, adding this category is very important and constitutes an integral part of our society and it is necessary to develop their abilities in the field of sports.

Aisha Askar, an expert on scouting and guidance activities at the Qatar Scout Association and the special needs division manager in Doha schools, said this is the first participation by these schools and all our schools for people with special needs participated in this special day.

She described the participation as great and effective, and the annual competitions as an opportunity to discover talents among people with special needs who have unique sporting potential, adding it is an opportunity to integrate them into society because sports are a passion for participants.

While expressing her happiness at participation and interaction, she noted that the school program is a great idea that contributes to detecting talents and developing their abilities at all levels, especially among people with special needs.