Curtains come down on SOP competitions

Doha, April 20, 2019 – All the boys competitions of the 12th edition of the Schools Olympic Program (SOP) concluded at the Aspire Academy of Sports Excellence. The finals were attended by a huge number of the VIP’s with aim to encourage these talented young children who play a vital role in the promotion of sports in Qatar.

Competitions witnessed a high technical level of the participating students amid the presence of officials and representatives from the Qatar Olympic Committee, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, QSSA, SOP as well as schools representatives and students parents.

In the gymnastics competitions for the first and second levels of primary schools, the finals saw high level of the students who competed in different categories: teams, general individual and individual apparatus. In team event for the first level Khalifa Model School took place first place, Saad Bin Abu Waqas Model School was second and Al Khor Model took the bronze.

As for the general individual competitions, Abdulrahman Mus’ad Qaed from the Khalifa Model School took first spot, Zaid Khairi Al Kilani from Iqra English School took silver, while Hamad Suhain Al Tarand from Saad Bin Abu Waqas School – third place. In floor exercise event, Abdul Rahman Mus’ad Qaed won the gold, Zaid Khairi Al Kilani of Iqra English School took the second place, and Hamad Suhain Al-Tarand from Saad Bin Abu Waqas took the bronze medal. Vault event saw Zaid Khairi Al Kilani won a gold medal, Abdul Rahman Mus’ad – silver, and Omar Mohammed Ali Al Hasnawiya from the Newton Academy – bronze.

In team event, Al Qadisiya Model School ranked first, Abdullah bin Rawaha – second, and Abdullah bin Zaid Al Mahmoud School – third.

At the second level’s total score Jasser Omar Ali Ibrahim of Oxford English won first place, Hussein Al-Zughbim from Newton Academy was on the second position, and Abdullah Saleh from Abdullah bin Zaid Al Mahmood School. In floor exercise event Jasser Omar Ali Ibrahim from Oxford English School won gold, Hussein Al Zughbim from Newton Academy – silver while Abdullah Mohammed Al Dosari from Abdullah Bin Zaid Al Mahmoud School took third place.

In the vault competitions, Jasser Omar Ali Ibrahim was ranked first, Hussein Al Zughbim took second place, and Omar Mohammed Saad from Hittin Model School took bronze.

In basketball competitions, first level, the DBS school took gold, Shahaniya School took silver and Saad Bin Abi Waqas – bronze. In the second level the Lebanese school took first place, the Philippine School won silver, and Al Quds School won bronze.

At the preparatory stage, Hamzah bin Abdul Mutallab School won first place, followed by the Philippines with silver, Cambridge School was on the third place with bronze medals.

In volleyball competitions for the preparatory stage, first level, the Next Generation School won first place, Royal International took second, and the MES Indian School took bronze. In the second level, the Next Generation was also ranked first, the Scholar’s International School took first place, DPS Indian School ranked third.

At the preparatory stage, Abdullah Bin Ali al-Misnad School took gold, Al Shimal – silver, MES Indian School took bronze. At the secondary stage, Ahmad Bin Hanbal School took the lead and got the gold, Abdullah Bin Ali al-Misnad took silver, Iranian School took third place.

In the table tennis competitions, first level individuals, Laith Saad Baroudi from Khalifa Model School took the first place, Ali Mubarak from Al Khor took silver and Yusuf Ajmad from Eadad International Academy was ranked third. In the second level individuals Sultan Khalid Al Kuwari from the Al Maha Academy won gold, Ahmed Mubarak from Al Khor Model took second place, while Ranil Ramaga from the Birla Public School ranked third.

At the preparatory stage, Ibrahim Jubran from Omar Bin Al-Khattab School won gold, Abdullah Abdul Wahab from Ali Bin Abi Talib School took second place and Joplan Sunil from the MES Indian School took third place. At the secondary stage Omar Baroudi from the Khalifa Model won gold, Karim Yasser from Mus’ab Bin Omar took silver, while Osama Mohammed from Ahmed Bin Hanbal took third place.

Nasser al-Malki, Board Member of the Qatar School Sports Association, praised the high level showed by the students on the final day of the SOP competitions, it also demonstrated strength and great skills of many talented players in different games.

Nasser Al-Malki pointed out that the success of competitions did not come accidently, but it was the result of hard work for the years, as now the SOP competitions reached their 12th edition. A plenty of organizers and the schools that are involved in it.

Dr. Salah Salem, QSSA technical expert, expressed his great satisfaction with the success of the SOP in its 12th edition. He said: Everyone worked hard: the Organizing Committee, the participating schools, as well as the teachers and all others.

Dr. Salah Salem added: “At the technical level, SOP brought to us many promising young talents in different sport games.

Dr. Salem pointed out that there are many objectives of the Olympic Program, most notably the search of talents and everyone is aware of the importance of school sports and its positive impact on the lives of all.

Anis Masoud, Competition manager for Gymnastics, SOP, said that the most important result of this 12thedition is the obvious increase in the technical level of the players. This is the result of the partnership between QSSA, the Olympic I

In his turn Hassan Hossam Al Ahbabi, Director of Human Resources Department at the Olympic Committee, has said: “We have seen the excellence of the SOP, which demonstrates so many talents in various games, and this is good for sport”. Qatar produces talents that can become one day in the future a part of the sport clubs and we appreciate the efforts of all our partners who makes it true.”

“The Olympic Committee has always provided all the necessary support to achieve maximum success. This program is necessary for our society and contributes to the importance of sports for children in schools.”

Hamad Al Mannai, QSSA Board Member, said that the SOP has achieved great success in this season. “We have seen great success of this edition”. He also mentioned great participation and keenness of the students to compete and to show great achievements in all games. SOP has achieved great and sound success over the past years and showed a lot of outstanding players.