Strong competitions at the end of tennis in the Olympic school program

The competition was concluded with the 11th edition of the Olympic School Program on the second stadium of the Khalifa Tennis and Squash Complex. The event was attended by HE Rabia Al Kaabi, President of the School Sports Federation, Abdul Rahman Al Muftah, Executive Director of the Tennis Federation and Tariq Zainel, Saad Al-Mohannadi, Executive Director of the Tennis Federation, and Dr. Salah Salem, Technical Specialist of the School Sports Federation, who crowned the winners and winners.
In the 8-year-old boys’ competition, Tamim Zuhair of the Voltaire School won the gold medal, Rander Schone of CPSI School of Silver and Fathi Firas of Abu Hanifa in bronze.
In the 10-year category, gold medalist Justin Arthur of the Noor Al Khaleej gold school, Leith Shaabani of Newton of Britain won the silver and Taha Zuhair of Voltaire by bronze.
In the 12-year class, Sultan Nasser Al-Malki won the Ahmed Mansour School with gold, Faisal Majid al-Khulaifi of the same school with silver, and Barghis Anthony of Perla in bronze.
In the 14-year class, gold medalist Lalit Akach of CPSI won the gold, Sarfevich of the same school in silver, and bronze went to Baha Eddin Mahfouz of Tunisia.
The last boys’ competition was for the 16-18 age group. The gold medal was won by Mohamed Amin Alioua of Tunisia, the silver medalist Ryan Abdullah Jafiri of the Academy of the Universe and the bronze medal in the name of Ala from Musab Ben Ameer.
In the 8-year-old girls’ competition, Devia Kandikhar of DMIS School won the gold medal, and Muza Mohammed
Maliki from the Academy of the Universe in Silver, and Nafami Nambier of DIS in bronze.
In the 10-year class, Mashal Nasser Al Khunji was crowned by Noor Al Khaleej, Sarah Ben Salama of Charlemagne School and Baron Mourad Nader Lazhl of Newton School.
In the 12-year class, Samira Asif of Birla, silver medalist Lujan Ahmed Samman of Compass International, and bronze medalist Sheraya Kandikhar of the DMS School.
In the 14-year class, Amna Hammoud of the Muaither School, her sister Sarah Hamoud, and Baroness Nur Bassem of the Academy of the Universe were crowned with gold.
The final coronation was in the category of 16-18 years, crowned by the blessing of Abdullah al-Nuaimi of Qatar School, the silver of Lakshimi of the School of Birla, and the bronze of Golin Harazi of Dibkai.

Rabia Al Kaabi: A wonderful organization
Rabi’a Al Kaabi praised the technical level of the competitions on the final day of the tennis competition, stressing that «it was a special day to organize wonderful and management of competitions by the Association of Tennis and Squash, and thank them for their efforts to bring the finals in this distinctive picture».
“What matters to us in the Olympics is not only the talent, but also the sport value of these young people so they can get used to sports in the future, which is very important for these young people who represent the future of sport and society,” said Rabia Al Kaabi.
“Without a doubt, the large participation of all the schools in the tennis competition reflects the great base of the game and the love and passion of the people, and this is a pleasure for all. I congratulate the winners, and we look forward to more participation in future editions. “

Key: The program produced talents in all games
Abdul Rahman al-Muftah, executive director of the School Sports Federation, said the tennis competition was fantastic. Everyone presented good levels, reflecting a large number of talents that could be used in the future. “We are very pleased with the good levels we have seen during the competitions, which reflects the high demand for the game,” added the union’s executive director. “What we see from the emergence of some talent in the various games underscores the outstanding talents of the Olympic program in this year’s edition, and we hope to be a success for all,” he said.