Coronation for athletics in SOP

The athletics competitions at the school Olympic program were concluded at the Tariq Bin Ziyad Secondary School’s Auditorium amidst a large presence of medals and officials.

The winners were Hamad Al-Mannai, the school’s principal, Abdul Rahman Al-Malki, the academic deputy, Saleh Al-Sulaiti from the direction and guidance, and Dr. Salah Salem, technical expert of the school sports union.

The final competitions were strong and exciting at all stages, whether primary, preparatory or secondary, amid a large presence of officials in the Federation and clubs to follow the talents participating in the program and choose the best ones to join the clubs.

And the beginning of the coronation with the primary stage and in the race of 60 m enemy won the gold Nasser Adel of Qadisiyah and Fahad Alayyan of Abdullah bin Rawaha silver and then Osama Medhat Jaber bin Hayyan in bronze, and in the 200 m enemy won the gold Awab pushed God of cheating and Ryan Bakheet silver from Qadisiyah And Abdul Mohsen Mubarak of Abdullah bin Rawahah in bronze.

In the race of long time won the gold Nasser Adel of Qadisiyah and silver Abdul Aziz Saud of Samisma and bronze Ryan Bakheet, and in the payment of gold won the gold Taha Yahya of Ahmed Mansour and the silver Mohammed Al Rajhi Umm Al-Qura and bronze Mohammed Riyad of Qadisiyah, in the relay 4 × 50 won Indian gold Modern and silver Qadisiyah and bronze Ahmed Mansour.

In the preparatory stage and in the race of 60 m enemy won the gold Ahmed Maher of Yarmouk and silver Akram Nassar of Samisma and bronze Amr Salim of modern Hindi, and in the 60 meters hurdles won the gold Youssef Said of Yarmouk and silver Abdel Hadi Mohammed of Nobel International and bronze Saif Rumaihi of Neptune International – Laguna, and in the 200 m race won the gold Ahmed Maher of Yarmouk and Silver Omar Salem of modern Hindi and bronze Shehzad Ahmed of Nobel International.

In the long-time competition, Mohammed Saber won the gold medal at Mohammad bin Jassim Al Thani School, and Afzal Khan Khan of Modern India and Yusuf Saeed of Yarmouk Preparatory. In the high jump Mohammed Ahmed Wajdi won from Abu Obaida in gold, Abin Sonil from modern Hindi in Silver and Youssef Mohammed from Yarmouk in bronze.

In the gold medal competition, Joel Flip of New India won gold, Ahmed Al Sayed of Abu Ubaida of Silver and Ahmed Ibrahim of Al Furqan in bronze. In the 4×50 relay, Mohammed Bin Jassim Al Thani School won gold and modern Hindi in Silver and Yarmouk Preparatory in bronze.

In the high-school competition and in the 60-meter race, gold medalist Mounad Mounir of modern India, Jafar of Sri Lanka, and bronze of Yassin Youssef of Al Khor International won the gold medal in the 60m hurdles. He won the gold medal of Avenas Pisa of modern India and the silver medalist Mohammed Magdi of Ahmad bin Hanbal and his colleague Ali Omar in bronze .

In the 200m race, Musnad Mounir won the gold medal of the modern Indian and Adnan Musa of Muhammad Abdul Aziz Al Mana and Khomat Jafar of Sri Lanka. In the 800m race he won the gold Abdulrahman Jamal from Ali bin Jassim and the silver Ziyad Al-Sawy from Al Furqan and Bronze Mohamed Abdul Fattah from Ahmad Bin Hanbal .

In the long jump competition won the gold Abu Bakr al-Sheikh of Musab bin Omair and Ziyad Al-Sawy of the Furqan and bronze Ali Al-Din Mustafa of Ahmed bin Hanbal, and in the high jump won the gold Abu Bakr Sheikh of Musab bin Omair and silver Karim Safwat of the Egyptian languages ​​and Ibrahim Mahmoud Omar bin Speech and Pronunciation by Shigendo Omar from the English Gulf.

In the competition for the payment of the shot won the gold Suhaib Ahmed Saleh from the school of Mohammed Abdul Aziz Al-Mana and silver Abdullah Ahmad of Smissma and bronze Ahmed Mohammed from Musab bin Omair.

Hamad Al Mannai:

The program is an opportunity to show talent

Hamad Al Mannai, Director of Tariq Bin Ziyad Secondary School, praised the Olympic program and presented this year, stressing that the Olympic program is of great importance in discovering talents in various games and has achieved great success over 11 years since its first launch.

Hamad Al Mannai added: “We are delighted to hold a ceremony to honor the champions of athletics at Tariq Bin Ziyad School and we will be happy every year to participate in the Olympic program. We wish success to all and all games.

Hamad Al Mannai praised the great role played by the schools participating in the program by preparing these students to participate in the various games and this is a great effort for them and at the same time show talented students in various games through experts who follow the competition.