SOP Organizing Committee undertakes preparations for the next stage

On Wednesday 28/11/2018 Schools Olympic Program Organizing Committee held an important meeting with competition managers which was aimed at taking stock of the competitions as well as preparing for the next stage, which starts in January after first semester holidays end.

The Meeting was chaired by Ali Al-Hitmi, Vice-President of the SOP Organizing Committee and Secretary General of Qatar School Sports Association (QSSA). Dr. Salah El-Den Salem, SOP Technical Expert, Hashim Al-Rawi, Technical Expert of Qatar Volleyball Federation and Volleyball Manager, Ahmed Tantawi, Technical Expert of Qatar Basketball Federation and Basketball Manager, Ahmed Al Jaber, Department of Sports Affairs of Qatar Olympic Committee Representative, Mahmoud Shaker, Basketball Operation Manager and Football Coordinator, Faten Bikhit, Girls` Competition Manager in volleyball, basketball and football, Mohammed Najati, Secretary of QSSA and SOP Coordinator, Ahmed Abdul Azim, SOP Coordinator, Mohamed Sabri, QSSA General Supervisor and Website Supervisor, Kamal Abdul Azim, Chief Financial Officer, and Hani Ibrahim, Accountant and SOP Coordinator also attended the meeting.

Ali Al-Hitmi discussed with competition managers the past stage`s achievements as well as determined its pros and cons in order to work on them during the next stage what will contribute greatly to SOP events.

Ali Al-Hitmi declared that addressing the weaknesses and issues the organizers have faced recently serves as the main objective of this meeting. Besides, he stressed that everyone in the Organizing Committee is concentrating on quality rather than on quantity.

Ali Al-Hitmi also added: “We are happy with what has been achieved in this year’s edition as everybody is doing the best for accomplishing SOP goals.” He conveyed his words of appreciation to all the competition managers and SOP coordinators for the value they added to the Program.

Ali Al-Hitmi pointed out that everyone does understand the importance of the SOP and the message it carries for Qatar sport development. He also said: We do always talk about the importance of sport and how to make sport events more popular among students. We express our hope that everyone will participate in the next SOP stage.

Dr. Salah Salem, Technical Expert, while thanking the competitions managers, stressed the smooth way the competitions went as well as a high level of arrangements that had been done before the competitions started. Besides, he also stressed the best way of cooperation the schools have demonstrated pointing out that everyone aimed to do the utmost in order to achieve the desired success.